Credit where credit is due (or: Who to blame for this) 

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Thanks must be given to Scott Rao, Jonathan Gagné, Lucia Solis, and Sam Knowlton who all, in their own ways, encouraged me to start a blog or otherwise record my thoughts in a form less chaotic than a string of WhatsApp or Telegram messages. This way, when one of my experiments inevitably fails and results in my untimely death, my accumulated wisdom will be retained for posterity, or perhaps as a warning to those who follow.

That being said, I doubt many people will read this—so I’ll keep things pretty light and informal, and won’t spend too much time proofing (yes, that’s a run-on sentence)—so I may make some errors along the way. This is a sandbox, not a construction zone (no hard-hats required).

Plus: commitment is hard. I can’t promise to post regularly.

In all likelihood, this blog will cover everything from my thoughts about colonialism and coffee buying; roasting; research I’ve done; chocolate and cacao; sourdough bread; spreadsheets; Gantt charts; sourcing narratives; and whatever else I happen to be into at the time.

I apologize in advance.

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