The COVID-19 post.

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“Nothing in the world is worth turning one’s back on what one loves.” 

Albert Camus, The Plague

If your shop is still operating, I wanted to share with you a compiled list of tips from around the industry that can help you stay safe and keep your staff and customers safe while we all try to figure out how the fuck to make payroll. Many thanks to Counter Culture, who shared the original version of the document that I reworked for Phoenix.

If this is a tl;dr situation: Wash your damn hands. Don’t touch your face. Be safe. Be excellent to each other always. Social distance is key, but practice empathy: we get through this together or we don’t get through this at all.

And call your Senators and Representatives to demand that we are a part of the federal stimulus plan. Break the goddamn switchboard: 202.224.3121.

If you are closing your shops for an indeterminate amount of time, please heed this important advice from Andrew Sinclair of Mad Lab Coffee Roasters:

If you *are* closing down for an undetermined amount of time, make sure you: A. Drain your espresso machine’s boiler. B. Unplug it. C. Close the water line going to it.

Otherwise when you open back up your first call may be to a technician.

Without further ado:

Transaction changes

Policy changes

Interaction changes

Spending changes

Further reading & resources


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  1. Ya ll we have what it takes, we have each other, our community, and the heart for hospitality that drives us to keep serving, keep caring, to be creative, and ultimately to take this moment and use it for good.

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